Affordable Auto Repair San Dimas

Approved Auto Repair by AAA

Welcome to Affordable Auto REPAIR


Need an oil change or filter replacement? Affordable Auto Repair San Dimas has got you covered!


Need to replace, rotate, balance, or align your tires? We can help with all of the above.


Battery problems? Whether it needs to be recharged or replaced We'll get you fully charged in no time!

Engine and Transmission Services

Check engine line got you worried? Transmission making noises? Whatever the case we'll be happy to help put your mind and vehicle at ease.

Cabin Air Filter

Did you know a dirty cabin air filter can impact your AC system, and a dirty engine air filter can cause engine performance problems? Not to worry, we're happy to make sure you're breathing clean air.


We are a star certified smog check station that also does smog repairs.


Need to replace, rotate, balance, or align your tires? We can help with all of the above.


Need help installing windshield wipers? Happy to serve. Need to check wiper fluids, or fix the fluid sprayer? We got you covered. We'll make sure you're driving safe on those rare rainy days.


Vehicles today have more electrical components than ever before. We'll be happy to make sure all of your electrical problems are in excellent condition to get you back on the road in no time.


Need to replace a lost or broken key? We can help you with replicating one, no problem! (Note for keys you need to make an appointment in advance)

Computer Diagnostic

Cars have brains too! Most vehicles on the road have microchips and sensors to help you know what's really going on inside your vehicle. Diagnostic tests help us find the root of your problem and fix your vehicle fast!

and more

Looking for a service not listed here? Contact us to see if we can help!

Our Customers say...

"This place was fantastic for completing my free AAA 40 pt checkup on my car.. I only waited maybe a half hour.. recommend this place to your friends.. friendly, good customer service & prompt.. I will definitely come back for major repairs .. thanks"
"Prices are good, work is great, and Ali is so helpful and friendly. Go take your cars here"
"As a 21 year old college student I must be honest and say I don't know much about cars and auto care and am always a bit apprehensive when trying a new business with the fear of being ripped off and over charged. However, I now hold no fear as I can confidently walk into affordable auto repair and be treated with a fair consult and price. I took my older car in for a brake job very fearful of getting a quote with all the other minor and major fixes my car required.. instead Ali met me with a fair price, quick turn around, and rather than taking advantage of my lack of knowledge, he repaired my brakes as requested and consulted me on some areas of attention my car might require in the near future. Overall a great experience and amazing customer service.. I look forward to returning for my future auto care needs!!"
"Great service. Very honest mechanic. I bring all my vehicles for service."
"Came for a smog check on a blazing hot day, and let me tell you, the air-conditioned lobby was a life saver. I've been to more than a handful of smog check places, and this is the only one that I've seen that runs the AC, most just open the garage doors and let the breeze try to blow. Anyway, with that out of the way, I can get on to the great hospitality that I saw while I was there. Super nice guy, the place is actually pet-friendly (he loves huskies), has a very welcoming demeanor, gives a great price whether or not you have a coupon, and he even noticed that a patron left a nice hydroflask in the office, called them up, and said that he'd hold on to it for them. I do most of my auto repair work, so I can't see myself coming in for a tune up or the like, but I'll be coming here for smog checks from now on."
"Everything was done on time and seemed great. I believe I chatted with the owner of the place for a few minutes about his need for a quality worker. He was very nice and I hope he got the help he needed."